Dreamer, Rebel and Champion


“Try to Find It:  We Come Cheap” selected for festivals!!

By Koala Boom Productions and Gabriel Films, LLC

"Some fun stuff with the editing and characters. Good way to discover Portland."  By Brad Leech, a featured extra in the fourth web episode.

 "Love it!!"  By Elizabeth Younger, an extra in the fourth web episode.

"The actor John Branch was very funny impersonating an Australian scam artist. And the film director and crew were very nice!" By Suzanne Stoker an extra in the fourth web episode!!

"Funny and executed pretty good, too." By Leslie Bloom.


Art and Kids: http://dreamingzebra.org dzf_banner_250x250

www.screamingfilmgasm.com www.prff.space

5 thoughts on “Dreamer, Rebel and Champion”

  1. “Interesting scene of the street. We’ve strolled downtown on our Reunions. Portland can be a lot of fun. My cousin, Glen, and his spouse, Marcello, live in a 3-story home.” Mark is a screenwriter.

  2. “Love the concept and ideas behind the story.
    Characters are wonderfully acted and portrayed, beautifully filmed, directed and produced.
    The whole production team have brought their array of talents together to create a series of heart warming and funny web episodes.
    Well done to you all.” Steve Wilson: Film Editor and Production Director.

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